Every child
needs a stuffed animal

A stuffed animal can listen, keeps watch at night, and comes along when there is something to explore. But above all, a stuffed animal makes a child happy. In this regard, we are quite sure that creativity and taste are an individual matter. That’s why we think that children should design their stuffed animal themselves. A drawing is enough to go on, and we take on the sewing.

Would you like to draw your own stuffed animal? Are you a godfather, aunt, grandma or are you looking for a personal gift?Just send the drawing or upload it. After four to eight weeks (depending on the complexity) the parcel with the ready-made animal will arrive in its new home – naturally via animal-friendly transportation.

The eiswiekeis workshop is part of a social enterprise that helps people in special circumstances with their social and professional integration. We are also involved in other activities, but when an order arrives, time stands still for a moment as we admire the new drawing.


Thanks to the production of the stuffed animals, our sewers can work on diverse and meaningful individual projects without too much time pressure. The children’s drawings also bring a smile to their faces and inspire them to see the world from a different perspective.

A “eiswiekeis“ can either be ordered directly or be given as a gift certificate.
For orders by regular mail there is an order form available to download.


Here, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If something remains unclear,
please contact us by E-mail.